Poll: Top 10 KPOP Songs from Boy Bands over the Past 20 Years

AllKPOP posted a “Top 10” list of songs by BigBang, H.O.T., god, EXO, SHINee, BEAST, and of course TVXQ! amongst others!

#7 TVXQ’s Rising Sun

Now we’re getting into the territory when YouTube videos weren’t in HD and maxed out at 360p. Released in 2005, “Rising Sun,” was featured in ‘Fast & Furious’ in the opening scene of Paul Walker (R.I.P). The track received 5.9% of the total vote from panelists surveyed.

Live from Korean Music Festival 2015

What is your favorite TVXQ song of all time? Log in to comment!

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  1. My favorite song of all time, isn’t ‘Rising Sun’, but ‘Catch Me’ and ‘KYHD’. (sorry there’s 2 songs…lol) Those 2 songs right there, are my ultimate favorite songs of TVXQ’s, of all time! ❤️

    1. It’s hard to choose just one right? I love both of those too! Their older songs are so lyrical, I love their ballads like Toki wo tomete (Everlasting), Stand By U, Bolero, of course Mirotic … but my all time favorite is their comeback song as two, “Before U Go.” It has the best R&B feel to it, and it is so sexy and yet emphasizes their harmony and vocals!

  2. OnceaCassieAlwaysaCassie

    My favourite … I like Rising Sun of course … But I think … Winter Rose? I tend to prefer ballads … Keep Your Head down and Catch Me I like … Uuugh can’t choose its TVXQ ^_^

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