TVXQ’s HELiOPHiLiA Photobook: Samui

One of my favorite phrases I learned in Japanese, is “kita!” When something or someone arrives, for example, it’s like saying, “It’s here!” I can scream it from the rooftops, “KITAAAA!” TVXQ fans have been long awaiting this announcement from SM Entertainment! Last year, Yunho and Changmin traveled to Thailand, followed by persistent Thai fans, and we discovered that while on their last vacation before enlisting, they shot a photobook!

It’s FINALLY HERE! SM will be releasing TVXQ’s special photobook, titled ‘HELiOPHiLiA!,’ by the end of the month! The word heliophilia actually means, attraction to the sun, such as a sunflower, which would explain the yellow cover. Ardent TVXQ fans also know that both Yunho and Changmin hold sunflowers very precious to them, Yunho even made up a silly jingle about sunflowers while in Spain and Changmin personally handed out sunflowers to his fans, one by one at his last Shilla fan meeting before enlisting.

Yunho and Changmin spent their Thai vacation with their manager and their staff, whom they’ve spent several years with during their careers.

It’s been two years since their 2014 photobook ‘TI AMO,’ and this is a more friendly, bright photobook where fans can see the pair just fooling around with each other. It also includes a handwritten letter from both members.

#TVXQ! to release special #photobook ‘#HELiOPHiLiA!’ on Sep 29
Now available for preorder through both online and offline
#Exhibition to be held at #SUM stores of SMTOWN @ coexartium and Lotte Young Plaza in Myeong-dong starting on Sep 21

The book is 304 pages, and includes a “Behind the Scenes: Making …” DVD! There are also limited numbers of posters and photo cards while supplies last! The cost is 44,000KRW.

The photobook is scheduled to be released on the 29th of September, via online stores as well as book stores in Korea.

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