Two of Us Ranks #1 on Oricon Chart

Congratulations to Tohoshinki, who ranked #1 on the daily Oricon chart in Japan, even while they are military duty! Incredible that they can rank top of Tower Records and Oricon charts while on hiatus!

Through TVXQ’s unchanging power, they have occupied the #1 spot on Japan’s Oricon chart. According to the Oricon chart which was announced on the 5th; TVXQ’s remixed album, “Two of Us,” which was released today , rose to the #1 spot on the daily chart. “Two of Us” is an album that is a collection of previously released songs that have been remixed. Even though it is a remixed album with no new songs, and TVXQ had no promotion activities for it at all, it did not only get onto Oricon, it also achieved #1 on Tower Records JPOP album chart. Despite enlisting last year, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s influence looks like it is unchanged whether domestically or overseas. With a film concert made from their concert videos held over several months extended all over Japan; and many fans assembling for their official events and so on, even on their hiatus their momentum is widely felt as ever.

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