Happy New Year 2017 from TVXQ!

Yunho’s New Year message:

Year of the Fire Rooster~
The new year of 2017 or the yer of “discharge” has arrived! It seems there will be many very heart-throbbing things so I’m already excited! As I will not forget the dueties of being a solidier until the very end, and will return handsomely~ please just wait a little more and TVXQ will fly even more. Everyone~ please receive many New Year ‘blessings’ and be healthy! ^^*

Changmin’s New Year message:

New Year Greetings
The year of 2017 “year of the Fire Rooster” has arrived.//Everyone, please receive many New Year blessings ^^\\ (speech bubble: finally the year of discharge has come) – *chicken drawing* <-- I tried drawing a chicken but failed - Be healthy, become rich and I hope that our Cassiopeia will have a year of many smiles! Like our Yunho hyung, I too, will be seeing you soon~ Bye❤

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