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Thanks to our International fans who love TVXQ, WE ARE T INTERNATIONAL FAN CLUB, was able to brighten the holidays with “Gifts from the Heart” campaign, by donating $1000.00 to go towards holiday gifts and support for Asian Pacific Islander foster children in Los Angeles.

We Are T International Fan Club met with a Korean Social Services organization, KFAM, in Los Angeles on December 10th,2016.  Representatives from the fan club listened as Katherine Yeom, Director of Operations, shared the history of KFAM. Thirty three years ago, two women wanted to strengthen the Asian community by offering support such as clinical counseling and parent education courses. Most recently, assisting with Foster Care of Asian Pacific Islander children with the end goal of reuniting the children with their families, or in some cases, facilitating adoptions of the foster children has been a key focus for KFAM.


These children are Korean, Chinese, and Filipino, from infants to high school age, who are scared, lonely, and just want to be with a family who cares and loves them.  Through the help of KFAM, there has already been 8 successful adoptions since the programs inception last year.

We are so very grateful to all of the fans who donated, especially those who could not attend our Anniversary celebration in person.

Donor Name Amount
高藤 倫子 (Rinko-chan) $47.75
 平山 絵美 (Coco-chan) $82.32
外山 久美子 (Kumi-chan) $67.16
Richelle Dionisio $40.00
Cherilyn Kawana $100.00
Ellamae Lim $100.00
Brenda Guittierrez $20.00
Yanna Nguyen $20.00
Lam Ngo $20.00
Amy Kha $20.00
Shwanah $20.00
Chi Le $20.00
Kathy Kokenes $442.77
Total $1,000.00

Local Southern California TVXQ! fans attended the gathering on the 10th of December to also celebrate TVXQ’s 13th Anniversary since their debut as well as “We Are T Fan Club‘s” 4th Anniversary jointly!  We gathered at the KFAM location in KoreaTown, (KTown) Los Angeles and enjoyed watching TVXQ! music videos on a large projected screen, as well as enjoyed dinner, games and prizes!  Five lucky winners received Swarvoski pink slate bracelets that Yunho chose as a fan gift as well as TVXQ snapback caps, custom made Changmin chopsticks, Yunho’s Catch Me tumbler, Tshirts, and more!

Individual letters of support and love written for Yunho and Changmin will be mailed to them for Christmas and their Anniversary to their military units.

As U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin are serving in the military currently, and not scheduled to be discharged until April and August 2017 respectively, fans have been fortunate to enjoy gifts provided by their agencies Avex (Japan for BigEast) and SM Entertainment (for iFans and Cassiopeia).  In the time they have been enlisted we have seen many performances by promotional units (ROKA’s ‘Bulmurishinki’ Army band and Seoul Metropolitan Police’s SMPA), photos shared once a month that were candid ‘selfies’ never before shared by the artists, photo books that were previously shot in Hawaii (STAY and STAY Elua) and Thailand (HELiOPHiLiA), solo albums previously recorded before they enlisted, TILL Film Concert in Japan and FEEL photo gallery, TiAmo photo gallery in Coex’s Artium from the TiAmo photo book shot in Italy two years ago as well as Tohoshinki’s Gold Mission, a series of challenges that Yunho and Max underwent in Japan, ending with the T1ST0RY back stage appearance.

It’s not too late to donate to KFAM!  If you wish to donate to their organization, you can go directly to




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