Sgt Jung Yunho Shares Thoughts on Promotion and Accomplishments

TVXQ’s Jeong Yunho is featured in a military magazine, praising him on his accomplishments, as he has served honorably in the 26th Division ROK gaining the elite Special Class Soldier status.

Sergeant Jeong Yunho, Special Class Soldier and now newly promoted Squad Commander (wearing green epaulettes) is referred to as “icon of loyalty and sports(workout)-dol,” apart from being a Hallyu star!

The article states, “He was awesome, looking proud and confident, wearing the honor of Special Warrior on his heart and the responsibility of squad leader on his shoulders.”

The squad leader shared his views on being a leader and gaining the elite Special Class Soldier status; “I don’t know what a model soldier is, but I tried hard to take responsibility for my words. Thinking of comrades like family, achieving things together.” He continues, “I was so happy to become special warrior because it was solely Jeong Yunho who achieved the goal, a special prize to the life of Jeong Yunho,” (and not TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho).

It wasn’t an easy path. Serving in the military is mandatory, and soldiers sometimes undergo harsh training activities. Comparing his difficult experiences in his life he says, “The first winter I thought of when I shovelled snow for money as a teenager (when he was a trainee for SM living in Seoul alone without his family), and how I should be thankful for what I do now and build good memories.”

Then reflecting on his boot camp days Yunho stated, “My first winter here was cold and tough but I’m more relaxed the second time around, and I wish to make good memories, shovelling snow with my comrades.” He continues, “Marching in full armor was the toughest experience. I looked back on life from when I came to Seoul in 9th grade up till now, among many things. Making Special Class Warrior was as gratifying as winning music awards. I felt I kept my promise as a Korean man and achieved my goals, and gained confidence.”

In the span of his service, Yunho has accomplished much, “I experienced and achieved so much in the Army, performing to encourage soldiers, campaigning for reading, the Ground Forces Festival, receiving awards by the chief of staff…”

Sgt Jeong shares advice to soldiers due to serve in military service, “I hope the Army will be a chance to grow for you. Never give up and win the battle with yourself! Attack!” He motivates others when he states, “Serving in the Army is a time to look into your mirror, polishing it to make it shine even more.”

The article fills us with anticipation for his comeback, “Come April, we will be able to see the complete combo of U-Know Yunho and Jeong Yunho, a matured monster.” Yunho recalls a promise he made to his fans to return stronger as a ‘monster, and is grateful for his fans support, “My vocals and dance skills have improved over the past two years and I’m confident that I can fulfill the promise I made to my fans at the last concert. I thank my fans for believing in me and to pay back for the love I’ll complete the rest of my army duty successfully and show everything on stage.”

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