Tohoshinki New Years Message to BigEast Members

It’s 2017 and our handsome, hard working soldier and police man who are still Tohoshinki, left us New Years messages via the AVEX fan club, BigEast!

Yunho’s New Year Message

To Bigeast ~♫
Happy New Year!
This is Yunho of Tohoshinki!
Are you all well?
It is already 2017.
I am really looking forward to seeing you all this year.
Changmin and I have been thinking of you all BigEasts. I really wish that time passes quickly so that we/I can spend wonderful time with you on stage.
It is still pretty chilly. Please look after yourself not to catch a cold.
I pray everyday for you to have a wonderful time.
I will come to see you very soon!
From Yunho

Changmin’s New Year Message

Happy New Year!
This is Changmin! How are you all??
Thank you so much for supporting us a lot as always.
Of course, our feelings for you all have not changed at all!
Did you enjoy the film concert?
Well, you need to wait for a little more bit, but this year, I/we can see you all!
I can’t wait…
I really want to see you being happy/enjoying soon.
Until then, please support our juniors!
Please take care of yourselves as well!
You can’t stay young forever.
I will also look after myself.
I wish 2017 will bring you happiness!
From Changmin
Changmin of Tohoshinki

translation: Beriko0214

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