TVXQ! Fans Honor Yunho with Cover of Champagne MV

When I have attended Tohoshinki concerts in Japan in the past, I’ve always enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion that BigEast (Official TVXQ! fan club in Japan) have for U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin. Like most fans, Japanese fans are energetic, dedicated and truly respect the artistry of TVXQ’s music and performance; and Japanese fans often go the extra mile when it comes to displaying their dedication and love for their favorite music bands and singers.

The Japanese market is the one of the strongest among digital sales worldwide, as well as album and DVD sales, not just for TVXQ! but for all music artists. The love and support fans have for their idols and artists translates not just into purchasing power though, we often see it expressed in other very creative avenues, such as fan art, cosplay, arts and crafts.

One such display of affection and admiration for the leader of TVXQ!, U-Know Yunho, is a cosplay cover that was performed by BigEast fans, and shared on YouTube for iFans worldwide.

Yunho and Changmin are currently serving in the military, and are scheduled to be discharged in April and August respectively. Yunho recently stated that he wants his music to inspire and give hope to others … we can see by this MV cover that it has definitely inspired fans to have fun, enjoying and spreading their love for TVXQ! and Yunho U-Know specifically.

We join these fans in their anxious anticipation for TVXQ’s discharge, RETURN OF THE KINGS!

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