Fans Worldwide Celebrate TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s Birthday!

February 6th isn’t until tomorrow in the US, but in South Korea and many other parts of the world, faithful TVXQ fans celebrated festive events worldwide in honor of our leader, Jung Yunho’s birthday. Time difference aside, the special date is recognized across the globe from China, all they way to Europe and in between!

At the SM Coex Artium, celebratory events for Yunho include offers for fans that spend above 10,000₩ on Yunho-related goods, will receive a handwritten message from him as well as an 20% disc on TVXQ large-size prints.

A Monster! Will soon be coming to meet with you.

Everyone just wait a little more~
Thank you for your congratulatory wishes~

I always get strength because of everyone. ^^

From U-Know

At SMTown SUM Tokyo, a fan posted a cutely decorated plate for Yunho, with crepes, cream, and strawberries.

Shilla Duty Free shops (Singapore) posted a special birthday photo on their IG in honor of Yunho, wishing him the very best.

The Chinese SNS site, Weibo also exploded with Yunho’s popularity, as shown by the top ranking as the hottest topic with 130,000,000 plus hits.

TopStarNews site also shared a banner honoring Yunho’s big day:

Even the TVXQ game for BigEast fans celebrated Yunho’s birthday today:

Global Fansites include Daum Cafe, Yunho Bar, Yunho Gallery, Yunho-China, YunAmerica, and several more sent Yunho gifts and also donated to important causes such as libraries, children’s books, financial assistance for 27 public schools in the Cebu PI, and rice donations.

Even other idol’s fan clubs and sites (Taeil Bar, Xiumin Bar, Chanyeol Bar, NCT Jaehyun Bar, WinWin Bar, Red Velvet Bar) warmed our hearts by honoring KPOP’s legend, U-Know Yunho with congratulatory messages:

Subway station entrance is decorated with posters of Yunho on his special day:

Along with thousands of photos on Twitter, imaginative fans came up with unique ways to show their love for U-Know Yunho. Enjoy a few of the many creative fan arts shared on SNS today, including homemade cookies and cake!

It won’t be long now, April 20th is the big day we have to eagerly look forward to Sergeant Jung’s discharge from the Army!  We wish him all the happiness, joy, health and blessings he truly deserves!

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