Happy 29th Birthday Changmin!

TVXQ’s Max Changmin turns 29 on February 18th, (30 in Korea), and fans celebrate worldwide. Changmin’s fans made a donation to help children with hearing impairments, amongst other donations and supportive acts in his name.

A Chinese TVXQ fansite called “BeautyMin” recently made a donation of one million won (approximately $870) in Changmin’s name to help children with hearing impairments from low-income families, as reported by Soree 119 “Cochlea of Love”.

Changmin’s best friend, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun also expressed birthday wishes and words of support to Changmin exactly at midnight, February 17th according to fans that attended Kyuhyun’s concert in Ishikawa, Japan. He also mentioned that Changmin was on break, as is verified by Changmin’s selfies shared on SMTown’s website.

Changmin’s 17th present to his fans is also posted on the SMTown site, dressed in the same outfit, and holding a red velvet cake by SM.

Changmin thanks his fans for the support banner in the subway entrance by taking a selfie; his words of thanks were shared on the SMTown Official website.

Hello, this is Choikang Changmin.
Thank you for your birthday wishes~~~^_____^

Other birthday wishes include Tohoshinki’s stage director, Hideshi Gainsbourg, posted on Instagram.

It was Yunho’s birthday few days ago on the 6th.
Today, 18th of February is Changmin’s birthday.
Today, I wore this after a long time, which has always been inside the backstage’s tour case.
Today, I really wanted to just go out like that (laugh) but didn’t. While I took a look at backstage, I recalled memories from that day.
Changmin, happy birthday!

#東方神起 #tvxq #tohoshinki #withツアー #withtour #HappyBirthdayYunho #HappyBirthdayChangmin

At the SMTown Artium, the block chairs were arranged to say “❤챠밍❤” which reads “Chya-ming”, a play on the word charming and his name, Changmin.

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