Konkuk University’s Alumni Changmin Appears in the University’s”A Wonderful Day” PV

TVXQ’s Max Changmin and SHINee’s Minho both appear in Konkuk University’s PV, “A Wonderful Day.” As handsome young Max appears on screen, the narration states, “Is this what it means for your heart to pound? Seeing a sunbae of your dreams in a place where you don’t expect at all?” Changmin then touches a cold can of drink on to a sleeping girl’s cheek, and she thanks him as his charm glimmers all over the screen with a sweet, mischievous smile. “See you later” he grins broadly.

This PV was shot over a year ago, before Changmin enlisted, and has been rediscovered by TVXQ fans lately on SNS.

Full PV on Naver
Clip by @jminyam on Twitter

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