Sargeant Jung Yunho Heartily Shovels Snow

Twitter was abuzz with a cute story about Sergeant Jung Yunho, and how hard he works at his job, shoveling snow. It was posted by a non fan on a Korean fan site, DC TVXQ:

I’m not a TVXQ fan but this was posted on the SNS of someone whom I know and it was funny so here I am ㅋㅋ
the person is a squad officer.

He was taking a walk when he saw Sergeant Jung Yunho sweeping the snow diligently. As he was doing that, a quartermaster (officer in charge of clothing/supplies) from the administrative supplies division came and said “You can stop then now and go and eat lunch”. As a result, he had such a happy expression as he ran off to the cafeteria. It was said that he looked happier than when he got #1 on music programs.

Super kawaii fanart depicts the scene!

Translated by snxy

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