Return of the TVXQ Kings

A Naver article emphasized the Return of the Kings, TVXQ! as they will soon be discharged from the military. U-Know Yunho will be discharged in April and Changmin will follow in August.

The article lauds the popularity of the group, describing the massive attraction in Japan especially.

IN SM’s case, this year is the “year that we have been waiting for”. The reason is because although the business targeted at China have all stopped, TVXQ who have secured their fanbase in Japan will be finished with their military service in the later half of the year and will be returning. Before they enlisted, they had mobilised 750,000 just for their concerts alone in Japan so it is crucial as to what extent their destructive power and enduring fandom can be led towards, after they return. The experts are looking at a continuing popularity for 4-5 years.

Four of five years? Those experts need to realize that Japan appreciates great performances and music, regardless of the age of the artists. Tohoshinki has promised to keep going beyond expectations, and we are sure that fans will continue their undying support by attending their concerts!

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