TILL 2 Exceeds Expectations!

Katy Perry “Part of Me,” Michael Jackson’s “This is It” and Justin Beiber’s “Never Say Never” were iconic examples of how pop stars can explode on the big screen as well as at Live concert performances! But whereas those films are of the documentary genre, with backstage interviews and as well as onstage footage, Tohoshinki’s TILL separates itself from the pack simply because it is not a documentary, but truly a “Film Concert.” Even more ironic is that the fact that fans not only paid to attend all over every prefecture in Japan, but also there was a 2nd round, “TILL 2” that started on March 18th at Makuhari Messe Event Hall, with two separate screenings.

Special guests for both rounds included Tohoshinki back up dancer Daisuke-san and band member (drummer) Tetsu-san!

Are there any other pop artists that fill an event hall (twice) even after seven months (April to November 2016) of film showings across the country (47 prefectures), while not even appearing in person at the screenings? Truly an amazing feat! This is the power of TVXQ!

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