TVXQ Concert Dreams: “ARE YOU READY?”

With the rumor mill in full gear about TVXQ’s comeback plans in 2017, we can’t help but be excited and hopefully have prepared ourselves emotionally, physically and financially for this grand event! My personal goal was to lose weight, save money and learn Japanese while they served their two years in the military. I am starting to gain back the few pounds I lost, but although I did manage to save a bit, I still haven’t learned Japanese!

Hopefully fans can rejoice together in the latter part 2017 when their new album is released!

In the meantime, how did you prepare? If you’re like me, and haven’t been able to accomplish all of your goals, then let’s get kick started now and begin!

Japanese BigEast fans are preparing themselves by attending the TILL2 concerts offered across the country, and also by taking a “Tohoshinki Quiz” afterwhich awards them a certificate, (diploma), for Android users.

Japanese fans are amongst the most passionate when it comes to showing their support for TVXQ (Tohoshinki) and it’s a mutual love between artists and fans! Yunho once said that the key to being successful in a country is the localization, being top of mind includes learning the culture, language, customs, and living in the country as well.

Upon making the decision to go to some other country, such as Japan, and so on, I think the localization strategy is most important. The vibe of a foreign singer who comes to Korea and leaves after singing only once and the vibe of the foreign singer who continuously stays active is going to be a lot different right? For us too, since we decided to advance in Japan, we thought that we should show everything we have. We diligently learned Japanese and started performing from very small places (venues). I think lots of people are aware of our efforts now so we are grateful.

Fans hope to be able to attend the Korea and Japan comeback concerts and events, but if you could only choose one due to finances, which would it be?

Either way, “ARE YOU READY????”

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  1. homined

    Me, I’m preparing to work during Summer holidays to make money so I can spend on their comeback. I’ll also start exercising to lose weight.
    I wanted to learn Japanese or Korean but classes here are very expensive and I don’t have time to learn it all alone 🙁

  2. woowa

    Well as for the past 2 years I spent them on watching all THSK shows that I missed. Also, I got promoted at work so my wallet is hella ready for TVXQ comeback

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