TVXQ’s Comeback Predicted to be September 2017

With U-Know Yunho’s imminent discharge in less than a month (mid April), and Changmin’s soon to follow in August, several reports have speculated that TVXQ will have a comeback in September. We have heard rumors of an album release previously for September 2017, but now reports reveal that concert venues are also being scouted!

Naver reports explain with the decline of the SM impact on China and Japan, TVXQ are expected to raise earnings in September.

In the case of SM, the biggest factor for the slump in their results was analysed to be right away, the absence of their “top artiste” TVXQ! It was explained that this was because TVXQ as the group that had mobilized 900,000 people during their dome tour in a year, due to their enlistment, SM Japan results which contribute the most to their operating profits, declined temporarily.

However, around the middle of the year, it was made known that after TVXQ’s comeback, a Japan comeback concert is scheduled from September. Already, SM Japan’s representative partner, AVEX, has surveyed the concert venues and is doing the publicity during this temporary hiatus, as such the (financial) results of the large-scale concerts would be reflected at the end of the year of if later, at the beginning of the year. While the results in Japan have temporarily declined, coupled with the restrictions imposed by China have caused (the decline in SM’s financial performance) last year, results are expected to gradually head upwards this year and more, the year after.

Prepare your wallets TVXQ! Whether it’s September or the months to follow, for sure TVXQ will be back in the latter part of 2017! An album is expected to drop in September, then there will be fan-meetings to promote the album as well as hopefully TV appearances and interviews! We also anticipate a BIG 14 year anniversary concert on December 26th in Seoul, followed by a DOME concert tour in Japan in early (February – April) 2018.

Source: Naver
Translation: snxy

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