U-Know Yunho’s Swan Song in Yangju?

Will it be Yunho’s last performance in Yangju city, announced for April 1st, weeks before his discharge from the Army? This could likely be his last public performance as a military soldier since he will be released mid April. The concert will be held in the Yangju Culture and Arts Center and will be over two hours long (130 minutes).

The Way You Are / Rising Sun / Why Medley

Other performers listed on the poster include: Yangju Wind Orchestra, Nammunjung Wind Orchestra, 26th Division Army Band and of course U-Know Yunho.

By announcing early, the city is guaranteed a great turn out, giving foreign fans the opportunity to attend. Sergeant Jung’s past performances have attracted thousands from Japan, China and other countries.

We wish we could attend too! Do well Yunho, give it your all, as you always do!  Your fans are anxious to have you back as a civilian again!

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