Yangju Names U-Know Yunho Honorary Citizen

Sergeant Jung Yunho attended a ceremony in Yangju where he was granted an Honorary Citizenship by the city’s mayor. On March 2nd the city shared photos and a video clip, thanking U-Know Yunho for his great influence in the cultural development of Yangju, and presented him with a plaque as they announced his citizenship. With only a few more weeks of his military service, the city recognized how much Yunho has done for the small city, attracting thousands of fans to attend his performances.

“Today, as expected of a handsome U-Know Yunho, it is not long more before his discharge, from Yangju city’s position, we regret to say. Even after you leave Yangju, it is hoped that you will continue to love Yangju city.”

Yunho is photographed proudly holding his plaque and a bouquet. He enlisted on the 21st of July of 2015, and will be discharged on 20th of April, the city is expecting a large turn out, fans coming worldwide to witness his last military performance as well as his discharge.

Twitter Source: Snxy

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