Yunho’s Tasty Treats for Changmin

According to fan accounts and an Instagram posting shared by Hyoja Bakery, special customer Jung Yunho appeared and purchased an arm full of assorted bread. This bakery is close to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Station, and Changmin has visited a few times, purchasing his favorite breads. Today was Yunho’s turn, and according the bakery personnel he specifically mentioned Changmin.

The bakery shared this photo on Instagram with cute tags, and fans appeared after and noticed Yunho’s autograph placed next to Changmin’s. According to the bakery employee, Yunho purchased about 60,000KRW of breads, but then came directly back and purchased another 36,500KRW worth, including the cornbread he had forgotten which is another of Changmin’s favorites!

The selection included: Squid ink ciabatta, fig bagel, cranberry muffin, cornbread, cheddar mocha buns, apple pies, bouchee, onion cream cheese bagels, financier and for himself he bought a chocoball donut!

Yunho’s favorites

Changmin’s favorites

#Sechon #Hyojabakery #Sechonbakery #Seoul #Deliciousplace #TVXQ #U-KnowYunho #JungYunho #ChoikangChangmin #ShimChangmin #Cassiopeia #TVXQjjang (great) after Choikang Changmin’s regular patronage, U-Know Yunho-sshi visited us~~^^ Thank you very much~~~^^ When #TVXQ fans come, please tell us beforehand #Changmin set #Yunho set #ChoikangU-Know

TVXQ autographs

The tender visit excited TVXQ fans worldwide, knowing that Yunho went to go visit Changmin at the Police Station with bread, and Hyoya Bakery was trending on Twitter in Korea!

Fans shared fanart on SNS, including this cute one by a Japanese fan (ecco):

Changmin: “Wow! Why did you buy so much?” … “It will spoil before we eat it all.”
Yunho: “It’s ok if you share with your comrades”
Changmin: “NO IT’S ALL MINE!”
Yunho: “So eat up. You’ve mentioned so many times that you want me to buy some and bring it to you.”
Changmin: … “But you bought way too much.”
Yunho: (As usual it makes you smile when I do so).

Hyoya Bakery is located close the police station


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