TILL2 in Yokohama Gathers Fans Even Without TVXQ!

Tohoshinki’s popularity in Japan continues to reign strong, as fans gather for two days, April 17th and 18th, to attend the TILL2 Film Concert in Yokohama Arena! Special guests that attended included the director/producer, Sam-san; the lead Tohoshinki band keyboard player, Kakizaki (Kakiyan-san) Yoichiro and two back up dancers Rui and Kodai.

Fans tweeted some of the amusing commentaries of past experience with Yunho and Changmin, including:

Kodai-san said he had been very nervous dancing (WHY) in front of Yunho. But Yunho gave him advice afterwards, “dancers are also artistes” That left a deep impression on him and that mind set remained with him. Changmin always gave shoulder massages and helped him relax (he was more nervous than others as he joined the team during WITH). He said the two were people that really took care of others.

Fans were pleased to hear that music composer Inoue Shinjiroh also attended the concert as a member of the audience.

Rui said the song “Something” was really complicated and difficult to perform. It could take almost a day to do… At the ending pose, Changmin stops in a good position but Yunho always stops in a considerable “attack” position so it was tough trying to keep a hold of the rope.

Kakiyan-san (band leader) shared that in the middle of the tour, Tohoshinki had asked to go to the onsen (hot spring) with the dancers and as it is always fun. Yunho and Changmin had joined them at the inn and at 1 degree in Kyushu, the two had come to the onsen, as it was all men, they have seen each other naked. Kakiyan-san also said Tohoshinki will drink sake. He said not only did they go to the onsen, they also went to Japan’s highest suspension bridge in Kyushu with everyone else. Always felt male bonding with them.

Sam-san shared that Changmin’s dancing became better so when the setlist (for WITH) was revealed, it was just dance tracks and Changmin said (jokingly) in a complaining manner, “what do you want me to do with all this dancing”, but he still danced as told. ㅋDuring WITH, he was told by the CEO(?) not to strip so frequently but he still did.

Sam-san also said that the bright/sunshiney Yunho had a “center disease” (i.e. attracted to the centre of the stage) as he dances, he would naturally gravitate to the middle but Changmin would move to the back. It wasn’t originally this arrangement as might have been thought. But that’s cause Yunho was born to be a dancer. Sam-san also noted that Yunho and Changmin matched each other / balanced each other well because of this … it was amusing how Sam-san described “the steady Changmin and.. uh, the.. spirited yunho” so careful when choosing Yunho’s description.

Sounds like fans really enjoyed the performances again and again, showing their loyalty and anxiousness to support Tohoshinki! It is amazing to see two full days of sold out Arena attendance when TVXQ isn’t even there in person. Regardless, the red ocean will forever wave!

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