Traits of an SME Leader: Yunho

Koreaboo article shares the traits of SMTown’s leaders, including Yunho. Too brief of a statement, one could write volumes on Yunho’s outstanding leadership qualities: He’s not only the leader of TVXQ but now he is the leader of SM Entertainment, as the most senior active group (excluding KangTa and BoA who are solo artists).

It’s a shame there is no mention of the fact that Yunho, leader of Tohoshinki (TVXQ), paved the path for the Hallyu Wave along with BoA, both in Japan and other international countries. Not to mention the earth shattering records he accomplished along with Changmin after a divisive split of former band members. How about mentioning how they stayed by each other’s side all these years, to be one of the most re-known KPOP groups with the one of the greatest longevity ever? That’s due to Yunho’s leadership and passion for perfection, respect for his art and craft!

TVXQ Yunho

Unlike others who receive the title of leader because of their age, Yunho received it because the other members of the group decided he was the best candidate. Since that decision, Yunho has dedicated himself to be the best leader that he can be and has tried his best to keep the group strong through the hardships of their career.

Oh well, Koreaboo, you tried. Maybe spend a bit more time when writing these pieces?

Source: Koreaboo

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