Yunho’s Final Army Performance Becomes His “Solo” Concert

With TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s discharge coming up he had his final army event stage which was like that of a concert’s. On the 1st, U-Know Yunho showed his flashy dance skills and stage manners at the Concert For Citizens and Army Personnel in Yangju, which was his last as a soldier, exciting the audience.

That day, U-Know Yunho who went on stage in a red army band uniform and with a short haircut, with his restrained dance movements (due to the lack of space on stage) and unchanging glowing appearance presented Rising Sun, Mirotic and other hit TVXQ songs consecutively.

In addition, on various SNS, communities and others, netizens shared videos, going “really cool,” “I have to watch his solo stage as well, later”, “he’s become more handsome after going to the army”, “cool even until his final army event”, showing explosive reactions.

Notwithstanding having to do the duties of being the event MC, the quality of the level of the personal concert that U-Know Yunho presented also caused anticipation for the stages that he would show after being discharged.

Separately, U-Know Yunho enlisted in July 2015 into the army band of the 26th Mechanised Infantry Division in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do to serve his military duties and would be discharged on the upcoming 20th.

Source: Insight
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