Yunho’s Thoughts on His Discharge

Over 500 fans and media gathered to see Sergeant Squad Leader, Jung Yunho share his greetings upon his discharge from the ROK Army on April 20th, 2017.

Yunho: I see some familiar faces among the press here that I saw before I enlisted. Thank you so much. It feels like time that stopped is starting to go again, so it feels a bit… what should I say… complicated.

Question: How was your army life?
Yunho: I think I had a ton of fun at the army. How should I say this, in society, I was U-Know Yunho, but I put everything down here and grew as a person, Jung Yunho. I served here in the 26th Division in the military band and the seniors and my comrades treated me like a person Jung Yunho, and I had the opportunity to grow. I’m thankful for the small things now, and I look around myself a bit more.

Question: Future plans?
Yunho: I can’t say anything specific right now, but I think I will show more of what I showed in the past. There are a lot of fans who waited for me, so I’ll show an upgraded version of myself to pay them back for more than all the time they’ve waiting for me. I’m preparing a lot of things, so I’ll pay you back for it.

Question: Which girl group gave you the most strength?
Yunho: I really knew you’d ask this question. I thought a lot, but I think the girl group that gave me the most strength was Red Velvet. They came to visit, and they also came to perform. I was thankful for that.

Question: If there’s one food you’d like, what is it?
Yunho: I want to eat Jjajangmyun the most! It’s because at the end, with the training and with the other comrades and as a soldier, I really want jjajangmyun right now. As soon as I leave, I’m going to eat jjajangmyun, and I want a glass of coke! I really want a glass of coke the most.

Question: A word to Changmin?
Yunho: Our member Changmin is serving as a conscripted policeman right now. Above everything else, I can dare to say this because he’s my teammate. I believe he will do really well and will come back. It’s because you all believed in us that I could work hard in the army. I’m back now and Changmin will soon too, so please look forward to the complete TVXQ. I think it’s only the beginning for TVXQ. So that we can keep that promise of this being the beginning, I’ll work hard.

Thank you so much to the press for coming such a far way today even though it’s raining.

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Trans: JanieTVXQ

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