TVXQ Listed in Largest KPOP Concerts Attended

TVXQ, or Tohoshinki in Japan, was listed THREE times on AllKPop’s “Largest Concerts Attended.” EXO was also listed twice, GDragon was listed for his solo concert, and Big Bang was listed FIVE times, with the most popular being their MADE Tour (#1 BIGBANG-MADE, 2014 – 2015. This tour drew a whopping 1.5 million people across 66 shows. With this tour, they hold the record for Most attended concert tour by a Korean act of all time in Japan, China, the United States, and Australia.)

What’s amazing is that the other groups, such as BigBang mentioned needed twice, or even thrice as many, to come close to TVXQ’s numbers! (Example, BigBang’s Alive Tour held 48 shows, vesus TVXQ’s 18 shows in the same year, and TVXQ still had 50,000 more attending!)

#10 TVXQ-Tree (2014)
This was TVXQ’s seventh Japanese concert tour. They held 29 shows and visited ten cities in Japan and brought in 600,000 people.

#6 TVXQ-With (2015)
TVXQ paved the way for many Korean artists in Japan, this was their second five-dome tour in Japan and they attracted 750,000 people across 16 shows.

#3 TVXQ-Time (2013)
This Japanese tour drew in 850,000 people and grossed over $92.6 million over 18 shows. They became the first non-Japanese Asian artist (fourth foreign artist) to hold a complete 5-dome tour in Japan.

Source: AllKPOP

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