TVXQ! Represented at KCONLA

TVXQ Fans! We Are T International Fan Club is excited to announce that we will be participating once again in the KCON experience at Los Angeles, August 18 – 20, 2017. TVXQ!’s U-Know Yunho was recently discharged and Choikang Changmin (Max) will be discharged in exactly 100 days, on August 6th. There’s no better time to help promote the best KPOP group in the world!

Do you love TVXQ and want to show your support at world’s largest, most popular KPOP event? It’s our desire to share our passion for TVXQ with fans globally, chatting with existing fans, reinforcing fledgling fans, and recruiting new fans!

Join us by volunteering to work in our booth or assist with the preparation!

If you’re interested, please email us at

We are also accepting donations to help us with the $1800 booth fee!

Official KCON Site

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