OMG! Only two days to apply for SUPER PREMIUM SEATS for Tohoshinki Tour! And Avex’s BE site just crashed!! The popularity of the Gods of the East are NO JOKE!!! Only Exclusive members who have maintained their membership for over 6 years can apply!

Here is the official email translated with Google, we can’t wait for cleaner translation because of the urgency:

※ This e-mail is delivered only to the person who applies for Super Premium Seat.

Everyone in Bigeast, Hello ♪

“Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~ Begin Again ~” Bigeast 6th Year Members Only Super Premium Seat Early reservation.

“Dong Bang Shin Ki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~ Begin Again ~”

★ Performance Day / Venue / Opening · Opening
● November 11 (Sat) Sapporo dome opening 15: 00 / opening 17: 00
● November 25 (Sat) Tokyo Dome opening 16: 00 / opening 18: 00
● November 26 (Sunday) Tokyo Dome Opening 16: 00 / Performance 18: 00
● November 27 (Monday) Tokyo Dome opening 16: 00 / opening 18: 00
● December 2 (Saturday) Fukuoka Yahoo Auc! Dome opening 16: 00 / opening 18: 00
● Sunday, December 3 (Sun) Fukuoka Yahoo Auc! Dome Opening 14: 00 / Opening 16: 00
● Wednesday, December 20 Opening of Tokyo Dome 16: 00 / Opening 18: 00
● December 21 (Thu) Tokyo Dome opening 16: 00 / opening 18: 00
● December 26 (Tuesday) Kyocera Dome Osaka opening 16: 30 / opening 18: 30
● Wednesday, December 27 (Wed) Opening Kyocera Dome Osaka 16: 30 / Opening 18: 30
● December 28 (Thu) Kyocera Dome Osaka opening 16: 30 / opening 18: 30

● Friday, January 12 Nagoya Dome opening 16: 30 / opening 18: 30
● January 13 (Sat) Nagoya Dome opening 14: 00 / opening 16: 00
● January 14 (Sun) Nagoya Dome opening 14: 00 / opening 16: 00

Opening / opening times may change.
★ Ticket price / number limit

Super premium seat 24,800 yen (tax included)

※ Only one ticket per person (Fan club member himself)
※ Service fee 500 yen per ticket / delivery fee 1 per performance 750 yen
※ This Super Premium Seat Early reservation will be sold only for tickets of 【Super Premium Sheet】.

● Information on “Super Premium Sheet”
· Excellent seat (arena)
· Exclusive original ticket with face photo, limited original goods benefits, exclusive entrance
· Live viewing seats also offer excellent seats.
· Only entrants of fan club members who have won the prize and payment will be able to enter.

Please confirm the seat image of “Super Premium Sheet” as follows.
※ Because there are differences in position depending on the shape of each venue, it will be an image only.
Applications for this Super Premium Seat will be eligible for those who have an expiration date from the end of January 2018 to the end of July 2018 and whose sixth year (5 continuations) has a duration.

Please confirm below how to check the number of years.


【Before applying】

※ Please be sure to check all the information posted on the application site before applying.
※ Tickets will be [reservation application · lottery system], not in order of arrival.

Application · Please apply at the convenient date and time of the application content confirmation period.
* Immediately after the start of reception or just before the end of the reception, congestion is expected, especially due to access concentration.
Please apply during the reception period with plenty of time.

※ Fan club member’s face photo registration with membership number applied during the application period is required. Please confirm from the application page for details.
※ Please apply with either PC or smartphone.

【Application / Confirmation Period】
August 22, 2010 (Tue) 15: 00 ~ Friday 25th August 2017 18: 00

【Confirmation · payment period】
September 4, 2017 Monday 12: 00 ~ September 7 th 2017 23: 59

Application · Click here for other details!

Http:// 1701 _ fc

※ For this ticket pre-order reservation, you need Bigeast’s membership number and password. Please confirm in advance so that you can apply smoothly.

[About member number input]

Please enter the fan club member number (6 digits) in the ID column.

If you do not have a six-digit member number, please enter “0” at the beginning of your membership number with 6 digits.

In case of

【About password input】

As of Thursday, August 10, 2017, please enter your registered password in Bigeast.

If you do not know your password by yourself, please specify your membership number, name, date of birth, select the subject “Password is unknown”, fill in the necessary items of “inquiry content”, be sure to read ” Please write to Bigeast by e-mail on August 23 (Wednesday) after stating that the password is unknown on Thursday, August 10, 2017.


※ Because it takes time to answer, please contact us with plenty of time. Please note that we will not be able to respond in any case after the application period has elapsed.

* Please understand that we can not reply to inquiries even if you reply to this mail.

God is good! He is giving back TVXQ to us this Fall with 5 Dome Tour!! TVXQ restart!! #returnofthekings

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How to tell how many years you’ve been a BE:

How to check with digital membership card】
Procedure [1] Please enter your membership number and password at
Bigeast site [ ] and login.

Procedure [2]
Press the [Digital Membership Card] button displayed after logging in.

Procedure [3] The
number of years of continuation will be displayed on the digital membership card.

【Confirmation by number of times】
Procedure [1]
Fan club site Press [My page] from 【Member menu】 displayed after login.

Procedure [2]
Please confirm 【Number of times of continuation】 displayed in My page.
Those whose [number of times of continuation] is displayed as 5 times will become the 6th year member.


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