BEGIN AGAIN Concert Ticket Application Start!

Buckle your seat belts TVXQ fans, and get ready! This week the formal ticket application period for TVXQ’s “Begin Again” concert tour starts on September 8th. Most BigEast and Cassiopeia are aware that the Avex sells tickets to their Japan concerts via a lottery process. The application period is when fans apply for tickets, and then the winners of the lottery are determined later, on September 21st at noon, JST.

Yesterday on September 4th, the results of the Super Premium seats were announced via email, and there was a stir on Twitter when an informal survey was held, with 2700 participants, the results reveals that 61% of the winners were in their twenties, and 18% were in their thirties. It could be explained that the majority of Twitter users are Millennials, or that TVXQ has also gained many new, younger fans (40k in the last three months alone, based on BE membership numbers)!  But it did open up the speculation that perhaps age was a consideration for benefit of DVD shooting. This was complete speculation by fans only.

Super Premium Seats Deposit – Sept 4th (12pm JST) – DONE
All other seats Early Application – Sept 8th (3pm JST) to Sept 12th (6pm JST)
Yahoo Tickets Early Application – Sept 13th (3pm JST) to Sept 21st (11:59pm JST)
Yahoo Ticket Plus Early Application – Sept 16th (3pm) to Sept 21st (11:59pm JST)

BigEast Fan Club tickets:
Super Premium Seat ¥24,800
Premium Seat ¥24,800
S Seat General (Penlight included) ¥11,800
S Seat Reserved (No Penlight) ¥10,800
S Seat General (No Penlight) ¥10,800

Yahoo! Tickets:
S Seat General (Penlight included) ¥11,800
S Seat Reserved (No Penlight) ¥10,800
S Seat General (No Penlight) ¥10,800

Note that the application period is much shorter this time, so please don’t delay!!

Also expect an SM Global Package to be announced soon for the OSAKA and TOKYO leg of the tour!  If you’re not a BigEast, or don’t have a Yahoo JP account, then you can apply via the Global Package, which will include lodging!

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