[New] Ticket Policy for Tohoshinki’s Begin Again

Fans purchasing tickets for Tohoshinki’s Begin Again concert will have ticket with bar code mailed to them. The new policy for ticket distribution will be via an electronic QR or barcode. With the new method, fans will not know exactly where they are sitting, until they enter the venue!

This isn’t new for Japanese fans who have attended other AVEX concerts, such as Kis-My-Ft2 for example, but it is a new policy for Tohoshinki concert! It may cause confusion if you are unfamiliar with the venue, and will require you to ask for directions or seek out a seating map.

The only thing fans will know in advance is: a) that they won a ticket and will pay for it, and b) the gate number of the venue in which to enter. The section and seat will be revealed once the barcode is scanned, on a paper receipt. This new method will deter scalpers and resellers who take advantage of Tohoshinki’s popularity and resell tickets at extraordinary prices.

The exception, of course, is Super Premium and Premium seats. As those seats have a higher fee, fans know for certain they will be sitting on the arena floor close to the stage.

If you’re an international fan, or are attending for the first time, here are a few tips:

1. Some seats come with ‘penlight,’ which is a designer light stick, different from the standard tour lightsticks sold at the merchandise booth.

2. The key difference between (Seating S) and (general S) seats are that “Seating” seats require you to stay seated throughout the concert. No standing is allowed. Whereas the general S seats allow you to stand. Also the ‘seating’ seats are usually in the stands, on the 2nd and 3rd floor, whereas the general S seats can be down on the arena floor, near P seats.

Ticket applications began today on 9/8 and continue through 9/12. Results will be announced on 9/21 via email with a link to the results page.

Good luck to those applying for tickets, it is truly a REAL lottery! Proof that Tohoshinki are true legends in Japan, where they can still sell out 5 dome venues, without fans even knowing where they are going to sit! With the huge recent surge increase in BigEast memberships, we are just grateful to get a ticket!

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