SM Global Package Pre-Order Merchandise

SMTown Global Package participant can pre-order TVXQ YouR PresenT merchandise, but the quantities are usually limited to 1 per person, and some items will be available by lottery only due to the low availability!

Don’t miss the deadline: 20th September (Wed) 12:00 P.M. ~ 26th September (Tue) 12:00 P.M. (KST)

1. MERCHANDISE pre-order service is available only during
20th September (Wed) 12:00 P.M. ~ 26th September (Tue) 12:00 P.M. (KST)
We do not take any orders after merchandise preorder period. If you want to purchase merchandise after this period, please visit MERCHANDISE booth individually at venue on the concert day.
2. If you didn’t complete your payment within a given period, we will refund your payment without any notice.
3. Each items, maximum order quantity is different so please check carefully product description at our merchandise website. (ONE for each item)
4. There are limited quantities for some items. If we receive more orders over than the item quantities we have, your order can be decided by lottery system. We will send E-mail about which items we have put in the lottery and your result of lottery further. If you won the lottery, you will receive your order items or you will get refund through PayPal about merchandise shortage.
5. Getting a merchandise order receipt is available at S.M. C&C tour desk. If you can’t get your MD receipt because you couldn’t check in at S.M.C&C tour desk, please meet the guide in the morning on your concert tour date.
Even you can’t meet guide and STAFF, please come to S.M.C&C booth to get receipt and merchandise.
S.M.C&C booth will be located at the concert venue.
6. You can’t cancel your orders because you’ve changed your mind, so please order carefully.
7. MERCHANDISE items, price and design can be changed without any notice depending on the local situation.
8. Depending on the manufacturing lead time, your ordered products can be cancelled. If we can’t provide ordered merchandise, we will refund your payment in full through PayPal.
9. This shopping mall is to provide official merchandise pre-order service as a substitution service for S.M.C&C GLOBAL PACKAGE participants. Manufacturing company has responsibility for all items condition. The price of all official merchandise on sale includes the concert host country tax and paying charges.
10. If many people try to purchase at the same time, payment page may not show on your screen. When you purchase our global package, reservation page is automatically changed to PayPal payment page as a final step. If you ignore all those follow steps and send money to our PayPal account individually than your reservation is invalid as a result. If you couldn’t get PayPal payment confirmation email by PayPal when you finish your payment, please contact us +82-2-6240-9360. (Operating hour: 10:00~19:00 KST).

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