TVXQ Share Thoughts on Being an “Old” Group

TVXQ members Yunho and Changmin held their first ever V Live broadcast on September 20 where they talked about many things including what they’ve been up to since being discharged from the military and when they were most grateful for one another.

After introducing themselves and being amazed by the V Live technology and features, the duo took turns talking to their fans. Yunho said, “Today, we are trying to show you our most natural appearance,” and added they are looking “rough” but natural.

Changmin said, “This year [in December] marks our 14th year since our debut. You might think of us an old group…” Yunho then interjected, “No. We are a continuously progressing group!” which made them both laugh. TVXQ said that despite their “old age” and people thinking they may not do things such as V Live, they hope that their fans will enjoy it.

Yunho and Chanmin will release individual solo tracks through SM STATION on September 25 and 28.

Source: Soompi

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