TVXQ!’s ‘Meokbang’ to be on Naver V Live Stream!

TVXQ was the latest to jump on the “meokbang” (eating show) bandwagon, a fad that has captivated the Korean internet users in recent years.

According to S.M. Entertainment, “TVXQ’s Let’s Eat Together” will be aired on Naver Star Live Application V, with the first episode set to take place at 10 p.m. on Thursday. The duo will also share stories with the fans.

Meokbang is a form of broadcasting in which the main feature is the host consuming food.

TVXQ will then perform at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul next Saturday, during which it will perform past hits along with a new song.

The duo will embark upon the “TVXQ Week” project next week, in which members Max Changmin and U-know Yunho will release solo albums.

U-know Yunho’s “Drop” will be released on Monday and Max Changmin’s “In a Different Life” will come out Thursday.

Source: Korean Herald

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