Yunho Reveals Why He Hates Eating Alone & What Changmin Means to Him

TVXQ’s Yunho opened up about why he has a hard time eating alone and also talked about what fellow member Changmin means to him.

On September 28th, TVXQ held their “Eat with TVXQ!” broadcast on Naver’s V App. The rules were that the broadcast would not end until the members of TVXQ finished the meal that was laid out in front of them, and the two members immediately busied themselves with grilling meat and digging into all the side dishes on the table.

While eating, Yunho revealed, “In my family, my mom is very talkative and so am I, but when it comes to eating, we all tend to just focus on our food and each quietly.” He continued to add, “But I’m not very good at eating alone. I don’t like it. I went through some hardships in the past, and it made me hate being alone. I’m reminded of those times when I eat alone, so I’ll usually video call a friend to keep me company.”

As the duo continued their conversation, Yunho remarked, “I think what’s as important as how tasty your food is, is who you’re eating with.” When Changmin asked, “And who are you eating with right now?” Yunho showed his love for his fellow member as he replied, “My best friend, my family, my dear Changmin.”

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