Yunho’s Second Teaser for DROP MV Revealed with BTS Photos!

Naver Starcast: Ultra super great great~!


U-Know and MAX, who made our hearts flutter with their unchanging handsomeness at V app,
#Too much handsome #I’m the only one #who’s getting old ;(
This week, they’re going to come back with new tracks
for SM STATION Season 2 on Sept. 25 and 28.
And U-Know was the one to mark the start.

Perfect angle of 45 degrees!

Perfect side view!

Perfect front view as well! Super great!

For those who were dying to wait for U-Know,
here are his moments as the King General before the release of his new track!
#Scream for U-Know #He’s cool already #He’s handsome already #So touched with his handsomeness and appearance
Super great scale! Super “ultra” great performance!
This is the M/V shooting studio for U-Know’s “DROP” of SM STATION Season 2.
“DROP” is also the song that was first performed during the 2017 SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in SEOUL at Seoul World Cup Stadium in last July.
SM Entertainment’s representative producer Yoo Young Jin has participated in producing this song. The lyrics criticize the distortion of justice and he’s going to show what SMP looks like with his powerful performance!

U-Know, the center of this majestic performance,

is still handsome while just standing

but when he makes charismatic eyes, he becomes super great!

#So cool #So handsome

#Perfect look #Too charismatic #Can’t say any other words

He was so cool while doing the monitoring from time to time.

He monitored his performance

then shouted, “Was it okay? Shall we go once more?”

#So cool #Saved in my heart ♥
U-Know was so cool and did his best for the shooting!
His new track “DROP” and its M/V will be released tomorrow at 6PM!
#You’re going to wait for it, right?
To give you a hint, you should hold on to your heart because his performance would be so extreme!
And followed by “DROP”,
MAX’s new track will be also released on 28th! TVXQ! WEEK will continue ★
It’s just the start of TVXQ! WEEK!
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