Tohoshinki’s ~Begin Again~ Tour Goods Available for Pre-Order

As of 3am CST the merchandise for Tohoshinki’s ~Begin Again~ Dome Tour are now available for pre-order! If you order today, the goods will ship by 11/9/2017.

Goods include the iconic red lightstick with a new twist, a diamond shaped holder, to form a “T” when two lightsticks are attached!

Other original goods include a Tour Jacket in either black or white, and a special version with red accents for fans who have been BigEast Fan Club members since the club restarted in 2011.

Currently the oldest membership dates back to 2011, so ‘original’ memberships are 6 years old. In January they turn 7 years but will be given a chance to renew again early in November. Those select VIP members will be able to purchase the specially designed jacket. The jackets will also be sold in the BigEast booths at all venues except Nagoya.

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  1. Kimee

    Hello, I’m a new to this fan site it is actually the first fan site I’ve ever joined because I’m not really technologically gifted 🙁 despite being a fan of TVXQ since 2005 going on 13 years now !
    Sorry I have some questions whilst to navigate this site . How do I become an official member of We Are TVXQ? Also those merchandise look so good, how do I become a VIP member to buy the jacket.

    Thankyou so much !

  2. Kimee

    Sorry adding on to my previous questions , how do I preorder the merchandise on this website ?


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