TVXQ Goes Through Highs And Lows As They Challenge “Ask Us Anything” Cast To Games

On the October 14 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin challenged the “Ask Us Anything” cast to several ridiculous games.

At the beginning, Yunho lost his watch to Lee Soo Geun after losing a game of jegichagi [traditional Korean game played with the feet]. In order to get the watch back, Changmin challenged the cast to a game of long jump, at which he excels.

He added, “Because it’s boring just to do that, let’s do 10 elephant spins before jumping” and revealed that he had a lot of practice doing elephant spins on “Our Neighborhood Arts and Education.”

Despite the crazy nature of the game, Changmin won over the rest of the cast. Yunho also beat the rest of the cast but a mistake put him in second place.

Kang Ho Dong joked, “I’ve seen Changmin for 14 years but today was his physical peak.” However, Yunho was more concerned with his watch, asking if he could have it back now that they had won.

Watch the jegichagi game below!

Cr: Soompi

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