TVXQ Writes Letters of Thanks and Appreciation to Each Other

These letters were shared during the YouR PresenT fan meeting in Seoul, and have recently been uploaded by SM Entertainment.

Yunho’s Letter to Changmin

TO. Pretty Chwangdollie,

It’s a little embarrassing for me that I’m writing such a letter. I’m not the type to write words well but it’s a totally new feeling since we’ll be reading our letters on stage like this.

For 14 years, ah no, including our trainee days, it’s been about 16 years or so that we’ve spent together. Though it seems like it was a few days ago that we met, while we were in high school, time really passes by fast. The soft-hearted and innocent Changmin that I first met then, has in that long time – may have often – because of hyung – been made anxious, sometimes having it tough, and occasionally, might have wanted to cry. For always understanding me, and silently staying by my side, I’m really~ very thankful. Actually as both our styles are different and so are our personalities, while carrying out as a duo TVXQ’s activities, it isn’t easy to each be heading towards the same place.

Changmin, it’s not be because there was you, but because you were together with me that there were more enjoyable things rather than tough ones. As time passes, although we have arguments on occasion, you don’t give up and in a style that is just your own – the look of you, holding onto your passion and silently going along, is really felt that much more. Also, as your values and mine are exactly the same, even when it gets tough, it seems you shine even more. As hyung also has a manly personality, being expressive is embarrassing but while looking at you working hard without saying anything, there have been many times that you got me entirely, where I felt like I, too, since I am human, have times when I am exhausted, but I didn’t feel alone – it was because of you that I got more strength.

In 2010 at SMTOWN, coming back to the stage after being on hiatus for so long, I had not been that scared and nervous before but you took my hand once again and I felt that it wasn’t because that it was two people, but rather that we could go on a new path as it was the two of us. At that time, the longing then was quite stuck like something had come up. Until now, it has not cooled down. On the last day of the dome tour in Japan before we went to the army, when I who was like a baby who had become overwhelmed by emotions and was crying sadly, don’t you know it was your hand that was reliably comforting me? I think Changminnie has become more dependable than hyung. For being like a rival that makes me always grow, for at times being like family that is just reliably beside me, while making me reflect on myself, I think I am still growing (in comparison). It is now already 14 years for TVXQ. I think that the time that we became a duo, grew up, served in the military, has made us become more solid. For the future TVXQ as well, with me, let’s us do well.

Thank you, Changmin-ah, I love you.

Changmin’s Letter to Yunho

TO: The world’s strongest visual dancing machine Yunho hyung,

Hello, hyung (Big Bro). If I am going to say this about myself, I am the Choikang Changmin? Who had the ambition to become the strongest? Your little brother, Changmin. Hyung looks really excited to be able to be with fans together in a nice place such as this . However, to be opening my heart together with hyung in front of so many fans – no, to confess -. Even it is me who is very loyal to the company, this moment now, is as much a moment where (co.) SM ENT is to blame. Although hyung probably knows of this as well, it is because I tend to be shy in public. It is awkward and embarrassing but with great courage, I am continuing to try and write this letter.

It has been as many as 16 years since we have met. Although there were many things that have happened, I think, us two in our own ways, have safely made it through these big and small waves to have come here today. As you know, although they were really many happy moments, there were also, together with me, many tough moments. Even so, whenever I look at hyung who is always beside me with a hot (i.e. passionate/driven) heart, doing his best at every moment, I feel that it is because I have followed hyung that I am able to come here today.

Whenever I look at hyung’s passion, it is like watching the oil/petroleum right from the deepest parts come rising up and pouring out like in the oil fields in Texas, US. {t/n: the oil fields in Texas are known to be very vast and large, covering around 140,000 acres} Ah.. I think hyung’s passion is more outstanding than the oil field. Why this is so is because an oil field would be depleted in a matter of time, but on the contrary, I know that hyung’s passion is never-ending like the energy from solar heat. It is really outstanding. Hyung is really a cool hyung (heart ).
Although I have been speaking jokingly, I am sincerely thinking about it. As compared to me, since hyung is purer, has a lot of affection, a lot of passion, and is very kind – having followed such a hyung and coming all the way until now together with hyung, in the future as well, I believe that we would be able to go on further towards a brighter future. The part of me that is grateful to hyung is so, very large. I had felt like this from last time but if I am together with hyung, I certainly feel that we would be able to accomplish anything so hyung is really outstanding, hyung is a cool hyung (huhuk ^^*)

That passion of hyung’s, that fearsome hot (passionate) heart is unrivaled. (You) are a hyung that is for me that suits me. As expected of hyung. So then, should I put an end to this embarrassing and awkward letter, hyung? Let us never be in pain/be sick and be healthy. From now on, wherever we may go, it is not about being at a young age but how about reducing the number of times that we dance as befitting of how we are treated according to our age? With your overflowing stage manners and vigorous spirit, although it is definitely good, if that passion is excessive, in terms of our bodies, I am worried that my feeble and thin bones may give way one day. Although hyung is manly, healthy and full of energy, if I speak about myself, when it comes to me, don’t forget that I am a Seoul man who is like a glass bead that may get cold to the bones, even with a brush of the wind. Anyway, let us strive to become a team that aspires to stand high as we advance towards Asia and then to the world as we stay in accord with each other, just as (we are) now, so that we would be able to have our cool stages and do good music. Regardless of anything, hyung is the best, really cool. So then.

September 24, 2017.
The rehearsal time was 6pm but as hyung is running late, it is the passion? Changmin who is able to write a letter at 6.02pm (heart ).
P.S: As I would be doing my best until the end of this life, by all means, in the next life, (I could) become someone who would share his passion with others. (teehee ^^*)

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