TVXQ’s Changmin And “Ask Us Anything” Cast Create The Perfect Flowery Path For Yunho

The cast of “Ask Us Anything” and TVXQ’s Changmin teamed up to have a little fun and tease Yunho.

TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin appeared on “Ask Us Anything” on October 14 and brought the laughs with their humor and different personalities. Throughout the episode, Yunho kept talking about how passionate he is at everything he does, and it seemed to come back to bite him in one of the segments.

During one of the mini games, Yunho was tasked with carrying Changmin on his back and navigating through a path filled with obstacles. He was blindfolded and had to rely on Changmin’s voice to guide him, as their goal was to step on the least number of objects as possible.

That was the original goal, until Kim Heechul and Lee Soo Geun stepped in to have a little fun. They started purposely putting things in Yunho’s way to step on and created the perfect “flowery path.” Though the other contestants had kept their socks on to protect their feet from objects like lego pieces, Yunho had made things harder for himself by taking his socks off to be “as committed as possible to the game.” Changmin didn’t make things better as he immediately began conspiring with the “Ask Us Anything” cast, guiding Yunho towards the objects on the ground.

Though Yunho kept asking, “Are you sure you’re doing this right?” he continued to trust his fellow TVXQ member and listened to him. Everyone finally took mercy on Yunho and told him to take his blindfold off, which was when he finally found out what had happened.

Not only did Yunho give everyone a good laugh, he also impressed the cast with his passion and commitment to keep going and trusting his partner.

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