Arashi’s Nino Jokes TVXQ Denies His “Right to Light”

Nino (Ninomiya Kazunari), a member of top Japanese idol group Arashi, hosted a radio broadcast via ‘BAY STORM’ on November 5, where he talked about how amazed he was by TVXQ members’ heights.

During the radio show, Nino talked about how he met Yunho and Changmin on TV Asahi’s ‘Music Station’ back on October 13.

The Arashi member recalled the episode describing their close relationship saying, “The two members call me ‘hyung’.” He then revealed he once asked Yunho, “How was the military? Isn’t it a good thing you guys served together?” To which Yunho answered, “We often contacted each other as usual.”

With that, the topic shifted to TVXQ’s tall heights. Nino commented how he would greet them by saying, “Oh, you’ve gotten taller.” The Arashi member expressed, “Both members are very tall in stature. That’s like violating my rights to light; taking all the spotlight away from me. Can’t I just stand on a chair whenever I get a chance to pose next to them? Using a desk would be kind of high, you know?” causing much laughter among listeners.

Meanwhile, Nino’s radio broadcast gained much attention among fans as it ranked number one on various search engines.

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