Changmin Listed in TOP10 Most Savage Maknae

A fun article was posted today, referencing our Max in the Top 10 “Savage Maknae’s” in KPop, he scored 10/10 Savage Points for his sharp tongue and quick wit.

In Asian society, you’d expect there to be a certain ‘hierarchy’, if you like, when it comes to idol groups – especially since when there’s a well-established practice of having a leader (usually one of the oldest, if not the oldest), along with a maknae (youngest in the group) who is commonly believed to be the one in charge of being adorably irresistible.

As it turns out, that’s not always the case – and it’s not uncommon these days that to see the maknaes on top, with them having the other members under their control.

Sometimes, however, you see the other members try to control their evil, out-of-control maknae, which often leads to hilarious results and constant bickering (more on that later).

In tribute to all our troublemaking (and hence entertaining), maknaes on top, here’s a list of 11 K-pop maknaes who are so savage that you might find yourself buying aloe vera gel to gift their group members to help soothe the burn.

TVXQ!’s Changmin

Age: 29
Age gap with the oldest in the group: 2 years

Despite having one of the smallest age gaps between the oldest and youngest, Changmin spares nobody when it comes to his viciousness.

When he guested on Knowing Brothers, Changmin was asked if he was in the same school as the show’s fixed cast member Min Kyung Hoon, to which he said, “I’m not very sure, but I heard that he was busy dating his girlfriend back then, so I didn’t really see him in school.”

That led to the rest of the cast members flaming poor Kyung Hoon for skipping classes just to date, and Kang Ho Dong, who had something revealed about him as well, chuckled that Changmin should “carry on dropping more bombs like these so that what he said about me will be buried, too”.

He’s also been known for his epic t-shirts that he wears to the airport, among those were two that read “Talk to my manager” and “Sorry girls I only date models.” respectively.

Savage level: 10/10

Source: Entertainment Toggle

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