TVXQ Donates 50M KRW to Earthquake Victim and Needy Children

With the end of the year coming up, TVXQ has generously contributed 50 million KRW in support of low-income households and children who are in need. On the 20th, according to the child welfare agency, The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, TVXQ had donated 50M KRW for the livelihood of vulnerable social groups and children on the 17th of November.

Through the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, from the low-income households who are receiving support, the donated money would be going to the support the living expenses of the children who are living in the area of Pohag and are suffering from the damage caused by the recent earthquake. GMCF’s representative, Lee Jae-Hoon said, “We offer our sincere thanks to TVXQ for personally donating to the children who are in need of help.” Of the children who are supported by GMCF, the donated money is planned to be used to help the children who have suffered in the Pohang earthquake area. “We will be doing our utmost to support the affected children in recovering their health and stability as quickly as possible.”

Source NAVER

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