TVXQ: “Let’s Date!” on CREA

We Are T International Fan Club has a professional translator, from Japanese to English. Please do NOT repost this … you may link to it on SNS but don’t repost the article without permission. Thank you.



Translation: Spencer B

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  1. jangandicarii

    Dear, admin-nim. I am running a base of TVXQ news in Bahasa Indonesia based in Indonesia. Would you mind if I re-share the post in Bahasa Indonesia/Indonesian to share the love? You might want to know the reason why since it can be re-shared in English. It’s because we still have so many TVXQ fans in Indonesia who do not speak English or even understand English well. I will give the full credit and link this original site on my posts. It would be very great if you give the permission ^^ Thank you in advance and sorry to bother you~
    Anyway, you guys have worked hard! Thank you for the full translation ^^~

  2. Hi,

    I sent you an email explaining the repost conditions.

    Thank you for supporting TVXQ!

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