TVXQ! Creating Their Own The Chance of Love Poster

On March 19, TVXQ launched the Style Editor feature in their website which they were enthusiastically trying to explain to us in their latest Vlive “The Chance of Spo(iler)“. Unfortunately, our passion for TVXQ crashed their servers so the website kept on lagging when they were trying to demonstrate how it works.

Yunho and Changmin stayed back after the live to create their own poster like what they intended to do — because you know our boys, they always finish what they started 🙂

And as always they delivered. The poster they created as well as the process of creation (haha!) was posted through their official twitter, instagram and facebook accounts. They even uploaded a cute video of them editing.

and the result…. TADA!!!

Have you tried creating your own poster/magazine? Try it! It’s fun!

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