Vitamin Yunho, The Kindergarten Teacher

By Bicoy

Our Yunho will be a Kindergarten teacher in 72-hours with TVXQ. My heart–dokidoki It fits him so well, don’t you think?

’72 hours of TVXQ’ is a reality show where TVXQ will experience a different life/occupations for 72 hours. While UKnow Yunho will experience being a kindergarten teacher, Max Changmin will experience being a chef in a restaurant. The show will be broadcasted via Naver, XtvN and other overseas channels. The airing time is not yet determined.

“Mountain bird class friends” was his instagram caption. Look at that, so handsome. What a small face!

He was seen on the morning of the 21st March greeting the parents of the youngs kids with a bright and warm smile as he alighted from the bus.


Translations: twitter@snxy


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