TVXQ Sabah Alarabiya interview

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Just recently, TVXQ was interviewed by Alarabiya as part of their promotions for The Chance of Love. Listen to them learn Arabic phrases, speak english and sing a verse or two of The Chance of Love acapella *hearts*

Video linked to source. Translator : Encoder/Timer : Original video: AlArabiya قناة العربية

Longer version of the interview below.

Video linked to source. Translator : Encoder/Timer : Original video by Sabah Alarabiya


In the interview, Changmin commented that there are alot of handsome Arabic men including the director and cameraman. The cameraman and director took a selfie with them before or after the interview. He was right!

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مين متحمس للقاء 😊 موعدنا يوم الاحد والاثنين على #صباح_العربيه في الساعه الثانيه من البرنامج: ٩ الصبح بتوقيت السعوديه و١٠ بتوقيت الامارات . . اشياء جميله جدا قالوها عن الفانز العرب في اللقاء . وبعد اللقاء قلت لهم اول مره عرفتكم كنت يمكن ١٥ سنه.. ماكس عقب سالني وكم عمرج الحين 😂 قلت له وهو رجع قال عمره وضحكنا…طبعا هو اوبا 😄 . Who is existed for TVXQ! Interview? It will be aired on Sunday & Monday on #sabahalarabiya 6GMT . They have said wonderful things about Arab Fans 😉 . #TVXQ_IS_BACK#tvxq#kpop#thechanceoflove#korea#interview#reporter#show#SMTOWNinDUBAI#smtown#concert#uknow#changmin#max

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