9 Idols Who Had Near-Death Experiences And Lived To Tell The Tale

These idols are extremely lucky to be alive!

These idols had some extremely close calls, and fortunately, things didn’t turn out for the worse. Here are some of the most serious accidents and injuries that happened to idols.

1. TVXQ Yunho

Yunho was once handed a drink (filled with superglue) by an anti-fan disguised as a fan. He realized something was wrong with the drink halfway and was immediately rushed to the hospital. He doesn’t remember much because he fainted soon after he drank the contaminated orange juice but according to members he coughed up blood on his way to the hospital. He was able to recover completely from the incident. However, he said he couldn’t drink orange juice for a long time because he was traumatized after the incident.

Below is an actual picture of the orange juice and if you look carefully you can see the hardened glue near the top of the bottle.

yunho 2


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