The Significance of “Active TVXQ” and What it Means to KPOP Industry

Begin Again Special Edition – Nissan Stadium Reflections…

TVXQ is indeed TVXQ. They set the record of gaining 1 million concertgoers in a single tour for the first time as foreign artists in Japan, and they succeeded in proving themselves as active idols.

Starting with the Sapporo Dome on November 2017, TVXQ finished the tour on the 10th of June with “Tohoshinki Live Tour ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in Nissan Stadium.” They gathered 1 million concertgoers in the process, which is the biggest number ever of any foreign artist in Japan.

They are in their 13th year since their Japanese debut (15th year since Korean debut), but this proves that TVXQ are still active in progressive tense. In particular, being able to perform for three days in a row in Japan’s “stage of dreams,” Nissan Stadium, while gathering 220,000 people in process, is a feat that can only only be achieved by TVXQ.

Although TVXQ’ achievement and record is amazing, but it almost feels like they are being too quiet about it. They have shown their power after 2 years of military service, and pulling in 1 million fans in Japan in a single tour has not been done before by any foreign artist.

In particular for TVXQ, the reason why their 1 million concertgoers record is so meaningful is not just the racking up of numbers. Their record is one that is a great example for other KPOP idol groups. The fact that they are already 15 years since their debut and still running strong in the front lines, maintaining 1 million concertgoers in Japan, and are always showing growth in their performance, can give hope to a lot of idol juniors.

You cannot put them down by saying, “They got big easily because they’re SM idols,” because they started from the very bottom in Japan. Of course, now, there is KPOP boom, so it’s so much easier to advance into Japan, but in the early 2000’s, regardless of their Korean popularity, advancing into Japan. After experiencing internal discord and their military hiatus, they wrote new history.

With BoA, TVXQ were the first to have KPOP advance in Japan, and now, after 15 years, they are with no doubt, a role for Hallyu idols. For those idols who worry because idols tend to have short careers, that they have senior idols like TVXQ who have been putting out good music and performance for 15 years is not something that you can measure with just numbers.

TVXQ know this best. In the press conference after their Nissan Stadium performances were finalized, they said, “We are grateful that we can be good influences to other artists. We will be more humble.” They added, “We really mean it when we say that we were able to work hard and come this far because there were many seniors ahead of us who influenced us positively. Through this, we hope to pay forward the good energy to our juniors and start a positive cycle.”

Even without fancy words like “national prestige,” that they are pioneering new roads for their juniors to follow as active idols is a more meaningful action than words can describe. The reason why “active TVXQ” look so amazing is because of this.

Source: Naver

Trans: JanieTVXQ

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