Yunho: The Perfect Idol Role Model Every Junior Should Look Up To

Active since 2003, TVXQ‘s Yunho is a super “sunbae (선배, a senior with more experience in an industry)” for a lot of “hoobae (후배, a junior)” idols, like former JBJ‘s Kwon Hyeon Bin who appear on Dunia: Into a New World together.

In addition to being a veteran K-Pop star with tons of experience in the industry, Yunho also has a set of personal goals that make him a 200% role-model worthy idol.

“You must have made tons of money. Other successful idols often choose to invest that in buying buildings and stuff… How come you don’t do that?” — Kwon Hyeon Bin

Yunho explained it isn’t that the thought never crossed his mind.

“I guess buildings would be nice. I’d love to buy them too, but I actually have a dream that I’m saving up for.” — Yunho

Yunho shared his passion for founding an arts school, to cultivate talent that can eventually promote Korean culture.

“When I get the chance, I want to build a school.” — Yunho

“I want to use what I know, musically, to start an arts school that can contribute to strengthening the Korean culture.” — Yunho.

While a dream to build a school may sound out of the blue, Yunho has actually been passionate about education for a long time. He has already founded a facility in Ghana — the Yunho Education Center.

He also spends his money on donating funds for the scholarships at Kwangil High School where he studied in Gwangju, Korea.

Yunho works hard and doesn’t waste a penny so that when time comes, he can help those in need. It is this giving-back mentality that inspires the “hoobaes” look up to him!

“You know, from what I see… It only makes sense that you got where you are. I understand how you remain so successful.” — Kwon Hyeon Bin

Source: Koreaboo Quoting Dunia

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