• Yunho: One of Top Stars Who Show Love Their Love to Alma Maters

    Our very own U-Know Yunho is mentioned in Top News as one of the top stars featured who is full of love for their alma maters. He has donated scholarships for 7 years. Other stars mentioned are UI, and Girls’ Generation maknae Seo Hyun. Source: Top News

  • TILL 2 Exceeds Expectations!

    Katy Perry “Part of Me,” Michael Jackson’s “This is It” and Justin Beiber’s “Never Say Never” were iconic examples of how pop stars can explode on the big screen as well as at Live concert performances! But whereas those films are of the documentary genre, with backstage interviews and as well as onstage footage, Tohoshinki’s

  • Changmin’s #16 Gift to Fans

    On March 18th, SM Entertainment shared the 16th selfie of Changmin as a gift to TVXQ fans! This photo was taken backstage at T1ST0RY and reveals the sexy peek-a-boo transparent shirt that Changmin wore for his “Heaven’s Day” solo which melted the hearts of every Max fan and set us on fire with his passion


    Today on a discussion board in Korea, a fan posted a sneak preview of the SM scheduled album releases for 2017: March – BoA mini album April – Taeyeon Repackaged Album, NCT127 Full Album May – EXO CBX 2nd mini album, Krystal mini album June – NCT 127 Repackaged album, Taemin 2nd album July –

  • Yunho’s Tasty Treats for Changmin

    According to fan accounts and an Instagram posting shared by Hyoja Bakery, special customer Jung Yunho appeared and purchased an arm full of assorted bread. This bakery is close to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Station, and Changmin has visited a few times, purchasing his favorite breads. Today was Yunho’s turn, and according the bakery personnel


    I AM HERE BESIDE YOU Performance is TVXQ’s Strongest Weapon! “The tower that TVXQ has erected, cannot be torn down. Because they are artists that, after resting for just a minute, say “One more time?” while adjusting the choreography formation.” Jaewon Shim, Performance Director Even with just two people, without an empty space on stage,

  • Yangju Names U-Know Yunho Honorary Citizen

    Sergeant Jung Yunho attended a ceremony in Yangju where he was granted an Honorary Citizenship by the city’s mayor. On March 2nd the city shared photos and a video clip, thanking U-Know Yunho for his great influence in the cultural development of Yangju, and presented him with a plaque as they announced his citizenship. With

  • Best Friends Bond Over Food

    TVXQ fans all know about Max Changmin’s love for good food, as he once called his refridgerator his wife. He displays his pleasure for food during his concerts, interviews, fan meets and even during his private time with his best friend, Super Junior’s Kyunhyun. Recently a TV show highlighted the two besties “Food Tour,” where

  • Return of the TVXQ Kings

    A Naver article emphasized the Return of the Kings, TVXQ! as they will soon be discharged from the military. U-Know Yunho will be discharged in April and Changmin will follow in August. The article lauds the popularity of the group, describing the massive attraction in Japan especially. IN SM’s case, this year is the “year

  • U-Know Yunho’s Swan Song in Yangju?

    Will it be Yunho’s last performance in Yangju city, announced for April 1st, weeks before his discharge from the Army? This could likely be his last public performance as a military soldier since he will be released mid April. The concert will be held in the Yangju Culture and Arts Center and will be over

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