• Yunho Chosen as #1 Idol Leader Who Would Make a Good Politician

    Netizens voted on the idol group leaders who would also make good politicians. Exciting DC titled the poll “Which idol group leader would also be good at politics because they have leadership?” and ran it from June 3rd to June 9th. There were 10,416 votes cast, and TVXQ’s Yunho ended up at #1 with 52.8%

  • TVXQ Sabah Alarabiya interview

    Just recently, TVXQ was interviewed by Alarabiya as part of their promotions for The Chance of Love. Listen to them learn Arabic phrases, speak english and sing a verse or two of The Chance of Love acapella *hearts* Video linked to source. Translator : https://twitter.com/vellichormal Encoder/Timer : https://twitter.com/yutenor Original video: AlArabiya قناة العربية Longer version of the

  • Changmin singing Chinese version of 믿어요 (Midoyo)

    Changmin singing Chinese version of 믿어요 (Midoyo) He also posted a snippet of this in his intagram: http://www.instagram.com/p/Bg7yct-FMla/ https://m.weibo.cn/status/4222561535233630?luicode=20000061&lfid=4222561535233630

  • TVXQ Prepared Food Trucks for the Fans

    Food trucks were provided to all the fans who attended the pre-recordings for the music shows. Food provided included strawberry-filled croissants, coffee, crab croissants, grapejuice, Tteokbokki 떡볶이, prawns tempura and other beverages. How lovely was that? Some of the banners also said “Oppas will treat you” awwwwww~~~ This is how thankful our TVXQ are for

  • TVXQ! Creating Their Own The Chance of Love Poster

    On March 19, TVXQ launched the Style Editor feature in their website which they were enthusiastically trying to explain to us in their latest Vlive “The Chance of Spo(iler)“. Unfortunately, our passion for TVXQ crashed their servers so the website kept on lagging when they were trying to demonstrate how it works. Yunho and Changmin stayed

  • TVXQ! at SMT Tokyo

    Our lovely boys, via their official instagram, posted photos of them sharing a meal at SMT Tokyo (@smttokyo). They even shared a photo of one of their dessert plates. YUM!   @smt_tokyo A post shared by 동방신기(TVXQ!) Official Instagram (@tvxq.official) on Nov 23, 2017 at 9:33pm PST

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