• TVXQ!: One of the Groups to have Beaten the 7-year Jinx

    From HOT until EXO, TVXQ, which debuted in 2003, is a group that continued SM Entertainment’s tradition of top groups. TVXQ enjoyed a kind of popularity around their debut that was like a “Syndrome”. If there are those that cannot recall those times, then try thinking of how the response for their juniors in the

  • TVXQ Train: 10th Anniversary Journey!

    [STARCAST] “TVXQ! train, here~we~go”…TVXQ!, 10th anniversary train journey! At 9am, March 24th. The place in front of Seoul Station is quiet. We can finally take some breath after the busy rush hour is over. But, the atmosphere inside Seoul Station is a little different. It is in front of the waiting room on 3rd floor.

  • TVXQ’s Spellbound Give Away!

    TVXQ Fans… WE ARE T fan club will be giving away at least 10 free Spellbound CDs!! Want to win your very own copy, which includes a deck of 52 customized TVXQ photo playing cards, as well as a separate plastic card? Here’s what you need to do to qualify: 1.  Subscribe to our website,

  • The Secrets in the Cards

    Following their activities for title track “Something” released in 2014 for their official 7th album “Tense”, TVXQ is now continuing with its promotions for “Spellbound” after the sale of its repackaged 7th album. Through “Spellbound” which they have been showing everybody recently, apart from the dance choreography which utilizes the trump cards, TVXQ is expressing

  • TVXQ Train Tour

    TVXQ will be taking a special train ride with the fans in order to celebrate its 10th anniversary. TVXQ is launching an event titled ‘TVXQ 10th Anniversary Railroad Trip’ to present a special day to the fans. This event, which was organized in order to thank the fans who have been showing support and love

  • Making of “SOMETHING”

    Published January 7, 2014 The Making of “Something” Behind the Scenes – MV

  • Leon TV: Ask in a Box

    January 12, 2014 TVXQ! answers questions that were submitted by fans.

  • Billboard’s Exclusive Interview w/TVXQ

    TVXQ! Exclusive Interview Kings of KPOP TVXQ! share the concept behind their jazzy hit, “SOMETHING,” talk favorite tracks off the new album ‘TENSE’.

  • Pops in Seoul

    Arirang’s POPS IN SEOUL (K-POPULOUS) TVXQ! (Something) 동방신기 (Something) Published on Feb 5, 2014 This is the title track of TVXQ!’s 7th studio album, ‘Tense.’ This is a swing jazz song with a modern twist that is reminiscent of a fantastic big band show in Las Vegas. The double bass groove and brass arrangement is

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